About me

" From my clinical experience, homeopathic therapy, if used successfully, is nanomedicine with globules! The aim is to use the lowest-risk, fastest medical therapy, be it homeopathy or allopathy, in the event of illness!"

Zitat von Dr. med. Mira Dorcsi -Ulrich beim Deutschen Homöopahtie Kongreß im Mai 2023

How can it be that externally such small homeopathic medicines can develop such strong power in the body that symptoms of disease go away? How can I help if there is no solution for the patient in classical medicine? How can I support the patient if he has to take medicine and suffers from the side effects, but the medicine is important for him and cannot be stopped? Which methods that our ancestors used are still helpful and useful for us in practice today? Which naturopathic substances have also been proven in studies? These were among the questions that drove me to study and learn homeopathy and naturopathic methods in parallel with my classical medical studies.

Many famous people have been enthusiastic about homeopathy, this method introduced by Samuel Hahnemann earlier: Robert Bosch, Mahatma Gandhi, Yehudi Menuhin, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and many others.

Conventional medicine has brought us great progress in the last decades. It is undisputed that conventional medicine and its diagnostic possibilities form the basis for medical treatment and the application of homeopathy and other complementary medicine methods in practice. I have dealt with various complementary medicine therapy directions worldwide, relaxation methods, nutrition, healthy lifestyle issues, etc. In my practical work with patients, homeopathy is one of the building blocks within the framework of a holistic therapy plan. The goal in our practice is to look at the patient individually and holistically in order to find, together with him or her the least risky and quickest solution to alleviate or eliminate the patient's medical problem, be it, as already mentioned in the quote above, through allopathy or complementary medicine.

I have the homeopathy diploma, which you get if you go through an extended training and regularly attend continuing formation. I regularly continue my training for you in order to provide you with the best possible care.