About me

As a patient, I was very impressed by the effects of homeopathy. I wanted to know how it can be that such small medication can cause such strong effects in the body. I was fascinated that homeopathy can heal illnesses and correct e.g. pathological blood values. But it can also create well-being and that without side effects. That was much more than I knew from conventional medicine.

That is why I absolutely wanted to learn to apply this reliable method, which was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann 250 years ago. Many famous people have also been enthusiastic about this method: Robert Bosch, Mahatma Gandhi, Yehudi Menuhin, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and many others.

Conventional medicine has brought us great progress in the recent years. It is undisputed that conventional medicine is an important basis for all kinds of medicine even for homeopathy. That's why I decided to study medicine and homeopathy in parallel. I have been working intensively on homeopathy since 1993 and I am always impressed by the new possibilities it offers us, especially where conventional medicine reaches its limits. I use homeopathy whenever possible and conventional medicine when necessary.

I also use homeopathy whenever possible for myself and my family with our children.

I have the homeopathy diploma that you get when you go through an advanced education and receive regular training.