How does homeopathy work?

The basis of successful treatment is a detailed medical history. Together with you, we not only record your current complaints and previous illnesses, but also look at your general condition, such as digestion or sleep, and explore your various areas of life in order to look for the factors that could have contributed to the development of the complaints. This initial interview takes about 1-2 hours.

After evaluating the anamnesis, we individually determine the best remedy for you (repertorization). In homeopathy we look at a person in a holistic way. If someone suffers from an illness he not only has a "sick organ", but the whole person is sick. Therefore, the evaluation and determination of the remedy must be done individually for every patient. In the follow-up appointments (at about 6-week intervals) we follow the course of your complaints and adapt the treatment to your current needs.

Frau mit Baby beim Arzt