Health through holistic medicine


My name is Ariane Hack. I am a medical doctor and in addition to my classical medical studies, I have also with complementary medicine and learned to apply them. I have the additional title of homeopathy and the homeopathy diploma of the German Central Homeopathic Association.

If you are ill or want to protect yourself from illness, then I am with my team gladly there for you. We combine conventional medicine and complementary medicine methods such as homeopathy, depending on what you need at the time. Whenever possible, we use natural treatment options with as few side effects as possible. treatment options. We are also happy to treat you in collaboration with your family doctor or specialist. From our point of view, depending on the circumstances, conventional medical procedures and complementary medical procedures can complement each other very well.

In addition to holistic treatment, we will work with you to develop your individual preventive care plan to keep you healthy.

As a doctor, I am of course available to you and your entire family for all questions concerning your health at your side.

We look forward to your call or e-mail and will be happy to take time for you.

Your practice team Dr. Ariane Hack

If I now say that I also owe a lot to homeopathy, I do not mean to say that I am of the opinion that one should only heal with homeopathy.[...] But I have always been contemptuous of those people who did not get so far above their own advantage that they examined in a halfway impartial way before they condemned.

- Robert Bosch, Lebenserinnerungen (Seite 38)