Events and information about classic homeopathy

We regularly offer events that represent the subject of "classic homeopathy" from the perspective of a practicing doctor and provide you useful tips for home use. We are always open to suggestions.
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Course program

We always offer our courses when enough patients have registered with us in the practice. You can also form a group of interested people for whom we would be happy to offer the appropriate course. If you are interested in participating in a course, please contact us at any time.

More energy in everyday life

In this course you will get tips for self-help that have proven themselves in our practice for many years in order to have more energy in everyday life. We'll look at how you can have more energy holistically, on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The homeopathic emergency kit

In this course you will learn how to deal with everyday injuries like those in the home, in sports, with children, e.g. Can treat bruises, abrasions, burns, ligament stretching independently with homeopathy. In this course, we will give you a suggestion for a homeopathic medicine chest and explain how you can use the appropriate medication in which dosage independently.

Cough coryza hoarseness

In this course we give you proven home remedies on how to relieve the symptoms of colds in children and adults. You will receive a script listing all the procedures and we will show you how to use the given advices at home.